Drift Event @ Mineral Wells

This was the first event of the year and the first event on my new rebuild so I was really anxious and nervous.  The car performed flawlessly though with no hiccups in the motor or overheating so I couldn't be happier about that.

First 2 pics are kind of neat because they are pictures of Jared's car (top pic) and mine (below) in almost the exact same location.  Unfortunately for him he only made one real run as he kept running into problem with the car cutting off.

Luckily for me there were some people taking pictures out there so that was nice.  Only thing I am gona complain about it the angle, I hate when they are taking from the non-compressed side of the suspension because it makes the car look about 2inches higher than it really is :/ .. oh well beggars can't be choosers right..

This guy got a neat pic of me changing my tires, I love the kind of people even more so than action shots because they really capture the work and emotion that go into you and your vehicle.

Something else kind of neat was that my car was chosen for next months flyer :)  Also that means I get in free if my butt would hurry up and get a job so I can buy more tyres ><

 Stopped for a potty break in the weeds and snapped this.  I really need cool spares :(

PP members together at an event has been long awaited.

Kind of backwards but here is Jared and I fueling up before we headed out.


Japan Trip Pt. 3

After D1 Odaiba we walked over and watched the gundam so it's thing, it is really cool in person.  I always imagine it actually fighting haha.

Riding the train to Mt. Takao in north Toyko.

It was really a beautiful place.  Amongst all the dense city places like this are never the long of a trip away.  Hop on the train and enjoy a beer and you are there.

We rode a cable car from the base up towards the pathway where you can venture up to great views and the temple.


Lastly back in my hometown as I call it we had lunch up at the top floor of Yokosuka-chuo station.

I always like the view when the sky is clear because you can see Chiba in the distance.  Also the island is pretty famous in this pic as well.  It is called Sarushima island, which means Monkey Island although I don't think any monkeys live on there anymore I am sure they did at one point.

This is a pretty popular yakitori spot in Yokosuka, it's in a back alley and you can dine-in or simply walk up and start eating, you put your sticks in a numbered bowl in front of you and when you are done they count them and you pay.  Quick and easy way to get your grub on.

Pachisuro lol.. so loud but it is pretty entertaining, especially when you win big money.

A sign I never like seeing :(


Japan Trip Pt. 2 (Disney)

We went to Disneyland finally.  Lived there 3 years and never went, it was pretty neat but I think once was enough.

No one can pass up a churro lol

Space mountain was awesome ^^


Japan Trip Pt. 1

Yokohama Landmark Tower, if you read my blog when I used to live in Japan then I am sure this looks familiar.

Went to the Yokohama Pokemon Center.

It was my gf's bday so she got a crown, and a free pokemon download for X/Y.

Night time is always beautiful around there.

This was an old meeting spot (conbini) for us back when we all lived/drifted in Yokohama. 

Just walking to the train station from my friends house.

Stocked up an fresheners while I was there of course.

Obligatory Jihanki post lol

Walked by the stadium while I was going to China Town.

Shibuya and junk.

Yubo's old izakaya is now run by a buddy so it's still a cool place to hang out, make new friends, and drink/eat.

Went up to Skytree finally as it wasn't quite finished when I left Japan in 2012.

Just a pic to show the diameter of these poles.

Below the tower itself is a massive shopping area that goes underground along with a subway and stuff.  One really cool thing about Japan is the massive amount of malls, restaurants, ect that are completely underground.

They were all decorated for Christmas already.